LoveClaw Capitalizes On Google+’s Failure

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( — April 11, 2013) Memphis, TN — Google’s creation of Google+ was a knee-jerk reaction to the overwhelming success that Facebook had accomplished. In a rush to play “catch up”, Google failed to take into consideration what exactly encourages user’s to push the tiny little buttons found at the top of websites and blogs. This lack of understanding has hurt their traffic and growth on and enormous scale. On the other hand, Facebook’s “Like” button has done an above average job of increasing user engagement. They understood that if someone enjoys the content they are viewing, then that viewer can relate to a button that says “Like”. The association results in the viewer pressing the button to share the material.

Chris Munch, internet marketer and founder of MunchWeb, took note of Google+’s errors and Facebook’s successes leading him to develop the world’s first Emotional Traffic Technology (E.T.T). The anticipation was tense for those waiting on the release of this ground breaking product.

Chris has had many earlier successes that caused him to register on people’s radar. His most notable success, Hook Pigeon, introduced the concept of viral marketing and took off like wildfire. Launched in February of 2012, Hook Pigeon shattered Warrior Forum records resulting in Chris being labeled “The Master of Traffic Generation”. Chris has a knack for creating extremely high quality products that produce results and live up to the expectations promised.

Other affluent internet marketers have praised Chris and his work time and time again. Warrior Forum personality Anthony Aires has been quoted saying, “Chris’s stuff works! The guy is ahead of the times when it comes to creating products people want and he knows exactly what the market wants.” Up and comer Valerie Duvall says, “Chris is one of the best, if not the best, marketers in our space. It really is a good thing to be on his radar.”

So what exactly is LoveClaw and how does this Emotional Traffic Technology work?

Most people have seen or used the social share buttons, mentioned above, when visiting various websites.  These buttons usually consist of the Facebook “Like”, Twitter “Tweet” and Google+ “+1”. When pressed, these buttons allow users to share content on the corresponding social platform.  LoveClaw is a WordPress plugin that essentially has the same concept; but, with an important twist. 

The software produces social share buttons that attach above or below content and enables sharing to various social sites. However, the labeling of these buttons is drastically different.

LoveClaw allows webmasters to write their own labels for each button that shows on their site.  This feature gives these webmasters the power to connect with their readers on an emotional level, which leads to more social votes and user engagement. The higher amount of social sharing and user engagement significantly increases traffic to their website.

Examples of these emotionally charged buttons are, “I Love It”, “Interesting”, “Informative”, “Shocking”, “I Hate It”, “Too Funny”, etc. These remarks resonate with audiences and capitalize on psychological elements that Google+ was unable to comprehend.

Studies have shown that the LoveClaw social buttons are350% more effective than Facebook’s “Like” button.  This is a tremendous accomplishment considering how successful Facebook has been with keeping users connected and engaged. The software will have a huge impact on traffic generation worldwide.

Will this software’s results have any impact on Google’s “+1”? Does Google+ have the ability suck up their pride and make a change? Only time will tell.

The LoveClaw social share plugin was launched on April, 9 2013.  Various marketers are scrambling to be the first to get their hands on a copy of this amazing tool. For more information on this software click here or visit



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