“Making A Wish Foundation” A Last Dying Wish For Dying Vets…

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(Newswire.net –- July 4, 2013) Hollywood, CA. Lady of Country Wendy Lynn Adams goes Country Singer Releasing her Latest 2 CD’s. “Pure Country” and “Welcome to My World”

She has composed over 100’s of songs and has given many away to many top well known country artist. Wendy Lynn Adams is one of the most successful female country artists of all time experienced in Radio, Television, Screen, Actress with a Little Country and soon to be released CD’s

She has composed over dozens of songs, the best known song on her most recent albumn is “My Flag” which was written in 15 minutes ( she was married at 19 and husband had died in combat in Chui Li, Viet Nam as a United States Marine fighting for the flag) and she has written and given many more songs as well to known artist. She has performed openings for musicians and performers such as Dough Church and Irv Cass and Aron Borg to mention a few.

Since her choir days she continues to performer in many venues such as the Mexican Cruise Ship, country and western clubs and her annual performance in memory of Elvis Presly in August at Memphes, Tennessee (directly across the street from Graceland Crossing). Wendy Lynn Adams one of the most successful female country artists of all time and her songs continues to move steadly up the country charts.

As an actress she has been on over 100 shows including George Lopez, Monk and How I Met Your Mother and many more. Her movies include Blaze of Glory, Die Hard 3 and her up coming movie to be released by the name of “Hidden Valley the Final Conflict”

A veteran herself of the entertainment industry. Windy has been on radio hosting the show and as a guest on numerous radio shows. Her career took lead her to television and finally to the big screen.

Non-Musical ventures include: giving back to veterans while not forgetting the families and children. Working to raise money to build  “Making a Wish Foundation” both for men and women who have served are our country faithfully and willingly laid their lives down.

Also (Unsplend Mothers ) home for unwed mothers  she keeps singing and continues to follow her passion…GOD and Country.