New Weight Loss Help is Proven to Control Blood Sugar Levels and Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

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( — July 4, 2013) Los Angeles, CA. — Controlling blood sugar levels will often provide the weight loss help that many people want.  During a session at the 2012 World Congress on Prevention of Diabetes and Its Complications (WCPD), there was new evidence presented showing a link between moderate coffee consumption, and a reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes.  Another study that the “Coffee May Reduce Risk Of Diabetes By 25 Percent” article published by the website, reported that it was found that there was an inverse dose dependent response effect with each additional cup of coffee consumed showing a reducuction of the relative risk by 7-8%.

The website published another related article titled “Chlorogenic Acids In Green Coffee Beans Help Control Blood Sugar Levels.”  The article explained that, “Type 2 diabetes, is increasing across the globe, with almost 26 million people in the U.S. alone suffering from the disease,” explains Joe Vinson, Ph.D. from the University of Scranton.  Diabetes is a disease where the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin for the body to metabolize sugar, or the body’s cells resist the effects of insulin. Studies have shown that often people that are at risk of contracting diabetes also need weight loss help, in part due to the body’s difficulty metabolizing sugar.

When coffee beans are left unroasted, the Chlorogenic acids remain.  These Chlorogenic acids have been proven to help control blood sugar levels, along with providing the weight loss help that many people who are at risk for contracting diabetes need.  Controlling blood sugar levels adds the benefits of lowering the risk of heart attacks, stroke and other health problems.  Concentrations of the Chlorogenic acids are available in green coffee bean extract pills for ease of application.

“A simple natural pill or capsule that would both help control blood sugar and provide weight loss help at the same time, would be a major advance in the treatment of type 2 diabetes,” Joe Vinson said. “Our own research and studies published by other scientists suggest that such a treatment may, indeed, exist. There is significant epidemiological and other evidence that coffee consumption reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.”

The evidence from one large study points to Chlorogenic acids as the active ingredients in green coffee beans that prevent diabetes by reducing the risk by 50%, and improving glucose control in normal, prediabetic and diabetic people.  So if you’re looking to reduce your risk of developing diabetes, are just looking for weight loss help, or feel you need help with both, green coffee beans have been proven to be a natural, safe solution.