How to Paint Yourself into a Corner By Doing It Yourself

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(—August 23, 2013) Wesley Chapel—Home Depot and Lowe’s stores have recreated the idea that weekends have been preserved for husbands and fathers to tickle their handy craft “fancy” by attempting to save money from hiring professionals to do what is perceived to be easy.  Painting a house and rooms in a house is one area that is commonly seen all the time. 

What many homeowners do not see is the detailed preparations that are necessary to do a complete painting job.  Trim around the floors and moldings around the ceilings are examples of areas that are often neglected.  Without protecting the contiguous areas where paint can splash or leave marks where unintended can be the difference between a nice finish versus “unsightly” and amateurish. 

Another mistake that is seen by the professionals is the lack of enough paint used by a homeowner. What is perceived to be a cost savings is actually an impediment to a complete paint job.  Without sufficient coverage of paint will leave areas exposed and create gaps of problems where paint can protect and seal walls and crevices.  With these areas exposed, leaks and eventual problems with moisture can persist and necessitate a new paint job with even structural repairs required.

In Florida where E&R Quality Painting is located, there are a lot of stucco homes that are built and they see homeowners here trying to use a roller on these walls when they really need to spray and roll these stucco surfaces for optimal efficiency for proper and appropriate coverage.  With spray devices of paint then opens up a new set of issues that occur.  Spray painting can be messy with screened porches and other areas around the stucco walls that must be protected and covered before starting to spray. 

With size of rooms varying, the counterintuitive thought is that a smaller room like a kitchen or bathroom is easier since the total surface area is smaller.  Contrarily, these rooms require the most skill and attention because of their size and the greater amount of corners and tight areas that must be carefully painted and tended to.  

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