Neuracel Helps Neuropathy Patients Avoid Alzheimer’s & Neuropathy

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( — September 15, 2013) Boise, Idaho 

Research in the various fields of medicine and disorders is always ongoing. Quite recently an article was posted on Tele Management at which spoke about a study that revealed the link of diabetic peripheral neuropathy to Alzheimer. It stated that the gene that is responsible for putting diabetic patients at the risk of developing neuropathy is the same one which may cause Alzheimer’s as well. To be more specific, this is the E4 variant of the APOE gene. Moreover, as research finds a direct link between neuropathy and Alzheimer’s, Neuracel aims to help patients fight both the problems together.

Neuracel – The Complete Natural Treatment

Even though certain well established brands are available in the field of neuropathy treatments, Neuracel has left the medical world in awe. This new drug was introduced carrying the much appealing ‘all-natural’ banner. Since herbs are used in its making, it can be easily guaranteed that Neuracel carries no side-effects at all. It successfully battles all symptoms of neuropathy so that diabetic patients do not have to worry about leading disturbed or incomplete lives. The drug was introduced with a 2-week trial version for all those who wish to experience its results without having to spend money on it. Those who want to purchase the bigger packages instead can also do that easily as there is a one-month money back guarantee attached to packages.

About Neuracel

The trial version of Neuracel which has been highly popular with patients is known as the Best Value offer and can be availed by filling out an online application found at Other packages are the Good Value and the Great Value. Perhaps the best thing about Neuracel is that patients are saved from the trouble of having to get medical prescriptions as none are needed for purchase. The official website offers visitors many authentic consumer testimonials which show patients speaking about their experience with the drug. Those looking to find more information about Neuracel or neuropathy, or who wish to have a look at the testimonials can visit 


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