Hitman Advertising Launches Social Media Training for Carpet Cleaning

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(Newswire.net — October 1, 2013) Pensacola, FL —  Hitman Advertising, a company who specializes in helping carpet cleaners with their advertising, just launched a new course to help cleaners with social media.  The course is expected to run through the next two months and include training on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites.  The focus will be how to get cleaning clients using social media.

Small businesses are starting to realize the need for online marketing.  Over the past few years, social media has been a great way for these businesses to market with a small budget.  The problem is that most cleaning company managers and owners have no idea what to do to get business.  They know they should be on social media.  But they don’t know what to do once they get there.

Many carpet cleaning companies have relied on their ranking in the search engines to get business.  But often, these rankings change or bounce around.  Although ranking high in the searches can be great for any business, companies can’t rely on free traffic from Google.  The key is to diversify.  And social media is the perfect way to do it.

Hitman Advertising owner, John Braun, said, “I’ve been teaching carpet cleaning business owners how to get clients online for six years.  In that time, things have changed drastically.  The internet changes every time you blink.  But for right now, concentrating on social media is one of the smartest things a carpet cleaning business owner can do.  That’ why we launched this course.”

Social media not only helps cleaning companies get clients directly from the social media site, it can also help their ranking in the search engines.  Often, much of deciding factor on how a site will rank is determined by its involvement with social media.  It’s something that can’t be ignored.

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