Increase Fat Burning and Weight Loss By Eating a Big Breakfast

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( — October 2, 2013) Boston, MAHealth News Wires has published a new informative article and video titled Increase Fat Burning and Weight Loss with a Big Breakfast.  Specifically the article and video describe the fat-burning and weight reduction benefits of consuming the most calories of the day during  breakfast.

The benefits of having a nutrition breakfast are a well documented component of a any healthy eating and weight loss plan.  New research now shows that having the largest meal of the day during breakfast may speed up fat loss and weight reduction efforts.  Eating a larger meal at breakfast also reduced blood sugar levels, insulin resistance and lowered cholesterol.

Women consuming  700 calories for breakfast and 200 calories for dinner every day for a three month period reduced wieght by roughly 17.8 pounds; women eating 200 calories for breakfast and 700 calories for dinner over the same three month period only ost an average of 7.3 pounds. People consuming a larger breakfast also showed a greater reduction in waist size, an increased production of metabolism boosting hormones, and more stable blood sugar levels.

“When food is consumed is almost as important as the type of food itself; particularly when balancing blood sugar and speed up fat burning efforts.” said Michael Healey, Health News Wires Health Educator.  “Eating more calories at breakfast than at dinner  appears to speed up weight loss and fat-burning efforts.”

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