Vacation Club members save up to 90% off Expedia’s best prices

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( — October 5, 2013) Curepipe, Plaine Wilhems — Online travel booking sites such as, etc… have forced luxurious resort owners to become more competitive with their online prices, which means that you get the best possible prices on some of the most exclusive resorts around the world.


Vacation Club are now able to offer even better online prices to their members than Expedia’s price, for the same resort.


Few people know that Resorts pay big money to get exposure with these online travel sites. Because Resorts pay huge advertising money they have to increase their prices to cover their expenses and still make a profit. Vacation Club and Private Travel Club owners have realised that they can use their membership power to negotiate better prices with Resorts.


For instance an actual Vacation Cub, Global Resorts Network (GRN), is able to provide its 50,000+ member’s access to these identical Resorts at up to 89.6% off.


Why? Because if a Resort guarantees it will offer the members weekly rates between $398 to $799, the Vacation club guarantees it will give them FREE advertising to over 50,000+ members.


The Resorts essentially get risk-free advertising, and access to a large database of avid travellers. Everyone wins!


The entry level GRN membership fee is a one-time cost of $1995, which allows members to travel two premium weeks per year plus unlimited non-premium weeks per year. On average the saving gained during the 1st year of travel covers the expenses of the membership cost.


Many avid travellers are now using this formula to access a travel lifestyle with their family, while making huge savings on prices provided by other online travel providers such as Expedia…


Global Resorts Vacation Deals offer a registry of 5000 resorts in over 60 countries to choose from, with no maintenance fees on a lifetime membership.


Vero Laos, from states, “My friends and I have made savings of over $5000 for a one week vacation when comparing with Expedia’s best price guarantee. We regularly access 4 – 5 stars Resorts at a steal – Our one-timemembership fee was covered in the 1st year of using our membership.”  


Vacation club membership also enables families earning an average income to access theses luxurious resorts for as little as $398 per week.


Further benefits for Vacation Club members include discounts on airfares, cruises, hotels, car rentals and entertainment.


With such savings and discounts we understand how Vacation Club membership is gaining more and more popularity over the traditional online travel providers!