Why Does Tennis Elbow have to End Your Season?

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Chiropractor Brian McKay of Core Health in Darien, has come up with a unique new way of treating Tennis Elbow. As the leaves start to fall tennis players look forward to cool days and continued time on the court. Unfortunetaly , for many the season is long over due to the pain and discomfort of tennis elbow.


 According to Mc Kay, the season does not have to end. Not if they are willing to think outside the box. Most people will take Advil or Aleve to deal with the pain. While others use ice or braces to mitigate the pain. Rarely do these work in the long run.


  What we offer is a solution that corrects the problem. Lest explain the mechanism behind Tennis Elbow. The muscles are covered by tissue known as fascia. It is a smooth covering that encases the meat of the muscle. Fascia allows muscles to glide over each oher with ease. When the fascia thickenes it becomes dysfunctional. This is where the problem starts.


 The dysfunctional tissue now causes more friction when the  muscles move over each other. The more friction, the more painful it becomes and adhesions are formed. Adhesions are changes in the fascial tissue.Everytime you move the muscles you irriate the fascia.  When the tennis player goes to return a ball the force gets translated to the tender tissue which also happens to have a ton of nerve endings which is whyit hurts so bad.


The pain is enough to end the season. The solution is actually quite simple. Mckay’s treatment uses a specialized tool that reduces the adhesions  allowing more motion with less friction and less pain. Then cold laser is applied to the area to stimulate cellular regrowth similiar to photosynthesis. The laser uses concentrated light to re grow healthy tissue.


The healthy tissue allows for resumption of tennis without any pain in a short period of time.


Anyone interested should view the video. For more information contact Dr.McKay below.


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