BlizzCon Fan Convention WoW’s Crowds in Anaheim

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( — November 9, 2013) Anaheim, CA — Blizzard Entertainment returned to the popular venue after a year’s hiatus. The move was welcomed by fans as Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime made his keynote speech by shouts of “I love you, man”!


Long lines at the venues are not dampening the spirits of convention attendees as Blizzard is wowing the crowds with several offerings.


The newest expansion pack for the popular franchise, World of Warcraft, is Warlords of Draenor which by early reports “looks amazing” according to boots on ground reporter, Melissa Johansen.


While an actual release date has not been announced, this expansion introduces a new world to explore, new character models, and a new garrison system that lets players build their own strongholds on Draenor and recruit NPCs to hang out inside. You’ll be able to accept missions based on your stronghold, and you customize what bonuses the stronghold affords you based on the buildings you construct.


If you have previously dropped the World of Warcraft map, Blizzard is offering an incentive. They are willing to promote one of your characters to level 90 using an exclusive “Call to Arms” feature so you have an excellent reason to pick up the expansion.  


Fan favorite Diablo, not to be left out, got its own expansion as well. It’s called “Reaper of Souls” but many of the details are left to the imagination. What got the crowd really excited was when Morhaime announced that “we were getting rid of the auction house.”


A new game was announced called Heroes of the Storm which has the main claim that it is the only game that can officially use the same models for each champion as the original Warcraft III version. This one looks like “tons of fun” according to Johansen.


Another exciting announcement is that Hearthstone, the company’s free-to-play online card game, will be reachable on iOS and Android, by far the most popular operating systems for tablets.


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