5S Today Introduces “Five Pillars” Approach To Organization

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(Newswire.net — November 9, 2013) Akron, Ohio — 5S refers to a Japanese organizational structure that has been adapted for use by American businesses and by those throughout the world who want to take the neat and efficient method of the Japanese and put it to use in their own lives.  5S Today provides all of the items needed to support an entire workplace culture of 5S design on its website, located at www.5stoday.com.


The Five Pillars, as they are known in the original Japanese explanation of the protocol, are as follows:

  • Seiri–Sort.  Sorting refers to sorting and eliminating anything in the workspace that is not being used.  By discarding unneeded items, clutter and waste are reduced.
  • Seiton–Set in Order.  It is also important that what is left in the workspace and used on a daily basis is easily accessible or quickly stored.  By having simple access and storage systems, a workplace is made more productive every minute it is in use.
  • Seiso–Shine. Everything in a workplace should be “shining,” meaning that it is clean and functioning properly.  Now is the time to repair anything that does not work correctly as well as to ensure that there is no dirt or dust in the work area.
  • Seiketsu–Standardize.  In order to ensure that these steps are always followed, the worker must develop a routine for following the first three steps on a daily basis.
  • Shitsuke–Sustain.   The entire workplace should create and nurture a culture of the 5S’s where workers are encouraged to follow these steps.

5S is more than simply an organizational scheme.  It is a way of life that must be embraced by every member of a group or workplace in order to function properly.  When 5S is implemented correctly, it has the power to transform the entire workplace.


In order to organize and clean up the workplace, 5S Today offers a number of items that can be useful in bringing everyone into compliance.  These items are available for viewing on the company’s website at www.5stoday.com.


About 5S Today:  5S Today is dedicated to helping workplaces foster and grow a culture of respect, discipline and organization.


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