Best San Francisco Window and Door Replacement Contractors Chosen

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( — November 13, 2013) San Francisco, CA — The Window Station of San Francisco consistently received top honors in recent exit surveys of home and business owners. Window Station was rated as an outstanding contractor for the window and door replacement category in the Bay Area.


The Window Station’s excellent service and product quality were determining factors that drew much praise from customers. Felix in San Francisco commented, “I have been extremely pleased with their service and my replacement windows—starting with Alex who provided the estimate, the window installers, everyone has been very knowledgeable and helpful with my needs and questions.”


The ongoing surveys are conducted by a private US based marketing research company. Local business customer experience reports are obtained through interviews conducted in mid-sized to large metropolitan areas in various categories including home improvement and professional services. The exit surveys are conducted after all work is completed on the respective home or business.


Home and business owners were contacted by mail, email, or telephone and participation was completely voluntary. Conducted over a period of several months these surveys provide a realistic and representative view of customers who have engaged the services of the contractor or local business. The Window Station received consistently high marks from its customers for their home improvement projects and was rated as a top area window & door replacement provider in the San Francisco Bay area.


Surveyed customers were also invited to offer a personal opinion of the business provider in their own words such as the following:


Joan, a resident of the Bay Area, said, “I really appreciate the Window Station because they know how to help busy people through the difficult approval process from the San Francisco planning board. I know first hand how difficult it is to get replacement windows approved after my own multiple attempts. The planning board has so many confusing rules and gives very little feedback.”


When asked about this frustrating process, Alex Vinokurov, the owner of the Window Station, explained it can difficult at best to get approval for replacement windows in the city because of aesthetic and historical regulations. “People have a very hard time trying to do it on their own, but we know how things work. With our experience, we are able to help people get that approval. It’s nice to know that our clients really appreciate what we do for them and are willing to take the time to share that in their opinions.”


The complimentary remarks printed here were only two among many that contributed to the Window Station’s standing as a highly trusted window supplier in San Francisco over the past year.


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