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( — November 13, 2013) Chicago, IL

Food safety in restaurant kitchens is the topic of the latest video by Chef Ted Cutting.


This video is part of a series of training videos that offers tips and advice for aspiring chefs, culinary arts students or anyone else who is interested in learning more about cooking.


Chef Cutting, a contributor to Culinary Schools Online, discusses food safety practices for professional chefs.


“When you get down to it, food safety and kitchen sanitation are really the most basic and important issues working chefs need to overcome,” Cutting explained.


Cutting describes how the process of preventing foodborne illnesses can be managed by controlling just two factors. “Time and temperature are the two main factors that contribute to foodborne illness,” said Cutting, “You just need to monitor and control the time and temperature of where food is placed and stored.”


Cutting explains how keeping certain foods at room temperature for extended periods of time is often the biggest cause of health issues in restaurant kitchens.


“Many foods need to be kept at a temperature of 41 degrees or under,” Cutting continued, “And kitchen managers need to keep track of how long any of their foods are not at a safe temperature. Once some foods have been too warm for too long — they should be discarded.”


Chef Cutting believes that consumers should know more about food safety in their own kitchens as well. “Anyone who buys and prepares meals at home should remember the basics of time and temperature too,” Cutting continued, “And it starts at the grocery store. Don’t leave your groceries sitting in your car. And when you bring them into your house — don’t leave them sitting on the kitchen counter. Get them into the refrigerator as soon as possible.”


“At your home,” he concluded, “You’re the head chef. So you need to be responsible for food safety in your kitchen.”


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