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( — November 16, 2013) Hayward, CA — Master Digital Marketer Chris Ellington Announces Evaluation Results of Dynamic Web Design Agency UpTrending. The conclusion of this latest agency evaluation, conducted by digital marketing expert Chris Ellington via web, social and email, confirmed that UpTrending is a state of the art web design agency poised for intelligent growth.


Headquartered in Palo Alto at the heart of Silicon Valley, UpTrending is an agile team with a passion for making the web a better place. Founder Andy Brewer has indicated that the company is poised for growth, “To us, a Digital Marketer is someone who can understand a business as well as the owners and implement an online marketing strategy to positively impact their bottom line.”


While conducting the digital marketing evaluation, DYA Founder Chris Ellington commented, “UpTrending sounds fantastic! The dynamic energy of the website, a fast-paced environment serving a wide variety of clients across multiple industries, and the attraction of an intelligently growing agency is tantalizing.”


With nearly two decades of hands-on digital marketing experience, Ellington has evaluated more agencies than he cares to remember. “Over the years, I’ve seen my share of hacks and wanna-be’s. Around the net today there’s a distinct shortage of well-qualified, well-run, effective web design firms that deliver ROI. I salute UpTrending for their impressive and well-thought-out approach to digital marketing.”


Master Digital Marketer Chris Ellington Announces Evaluation Results of Web Design Agency UpTrending


About the author Master Digital Marketer Chris Ellington shares tips on digital marketing and salutes UpTrending as an intelligently growing firm.