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( — January 2, 2014) Dallas, Texas — Getting hit with a traffic ticket – especially one that seems unjustified – can hurt.  Not only are traffic tickets expensive, but they can add points to a record that, when accumulated, can negatively impact a driver’s record, increase their insurance rates and even lower their credit score.


Though no one wants to suffer the consequences of a traffic violation, whether a person is guilty or innocent, it can often seem easier to plead guilty and pay the fine than spend the time and money seeking legal representation to fight the ticket or negotiate a lesser penalty.


Now, a new web resource helps people in the Dallas-Fort Worth area quickly and easily locate affordable lawyers who can help them avoid paying traffic tickets. At, anyone can find legal representation at any time of day or night by contacting them online or by phone at 214-506-2458.


In addition, when people with traffic tickets in Dallas and Fort Worth call, they can access attorneys who can offer free consultation to discuss legal issues by phone, any time of day.


Whether a ticket is for speeding, Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or something else, using the web resource will help people facing stiff ticket fines and points locate an attorney that can help them fight any case.


The attorneys at can also help with cases of license revocation, suspension and cancellation due to DWIs.


Once an attorney is hired through, he or she will discuss the client’s case with local prosecutors to get the best deals based on the unique facts of a case. The client doesn’t have to appear in court, there is no point accumulation and the client’s record will be cleared.


The attorneys associated with make sure their clients are not going to get into trouble down the road. They negotiate with local prosecutors to reduce ticket charges to make the penalties more affordable for their clients. Once a ticket is amended, zero points will be deducted from a driving record.

“We’re excited to be able to offer our new web resource to help connect people in Dallas who want to avoid paying traffic tickets with effective legal representation,” said Rudolph Washington, owner of Traffic Ticket Lawyers Dallas. “With the help of our services, people will be able to avoid just pleading guilty and accepting their fines.”


The attorneys behind are listed industry leaders in the Dallas area when it comes to offering help in all traffic matters, especially those related to traffic tickets. The site is backed by the solid reputation and extensive resources of a large, established company that is trusted across Dallas-Fort Worth for its personal, one-on-one service.


Contact at 214-506-2458 for a free ticket analysis or learn more at about how to avoid traffic tickets in Dallas at





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