How to Sell on Amazon in 2014 Ranks Number 1 Download in 24 Hours

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( — January 2, 2014) Winona, MN — 


“How to Sell on Amazon in 2014” hits #1 best seller in 24 hours. With stats like that, it’s no wonder they call him the JungleCaptain. After 15 years of successful online selling he’s decided to share what he know with the rest of the world.  People are downloading this book at an incredible rate to find out just how he does it. “It’s real work selling on Amazon, but I get to live my American Dream” he says.  


His book teaches what people are looking for in todays society. Lifestyle freedom. How to make money and have the time to do what you really want.  The book is refreshing and relevant to what top sellers are doing today in the market to generate massive online sales.  He’s an active seller and knows what is working.


He said that after reading so many books on how to sell on Amazon he knew people had to hear something new.  “The market is huge, we can all win” he said.  His book is straight to the point.  “It teaches you how to build a long term, scalable business” he says.


JungleCaptain teaches individuals how to make money selling on Amazon.  He has been selling online since 1996 and is recognized as a Top Seller by  He has mentored individuals and multi million dollar companies to successful selling on Amazon.




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