New Culinary Arts Resource Launches in Anaheim

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( — January 2, 2014) Anaheim, CA

A new web site for culinary arts students and people interested in finding out more about cooking occupations has opened up its virtual website in Anaheim, California.


The internet site is a project expected to allow visitors to find out more about careers and higher education opportunities within the culinary arts industry across the greater Anaheim area.


The website’s key writer Stephanie Staples suggests site visitors to can learn about colleges providing career education programs in Anaheim and other spots around southern California.


“The culinary field is attractive to many people looking for a new career,” stated Staples, “Most jobs don’t require a four-year degree, so people can get started working and earning a paycheck rather quickly.”


Staples reported that this web site is entirely free to try. There is no fee charged and no site enrollment is required.


“A job in the culinary arts can be perfect for someone who isn’t interested in sitting at a desk all day,” continued Staples, “Most of these positions require a person to work on their feet with other members of their team in a bustling environment. Job hours are varied, there are plenty of restaurant jobs that require working in the evening, but there are also other positions that require showing up for work at very early morning hours.”


“Working in a busy restaurant kitchen as a chef isn’t the perfect job for most people,” added Staples, “But some people absolutely love it. And if someone is interested in the broad culinary or hospitality field, they can always go into different areas, such as restaurant management or catering.”



About Anaheim Cooking School: is a web-based reference designed to aid people who want to learn more about the typical education requirements needed for a culinary career. To get more information, visit


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