Local Dentist Explains TMJ Problems And TMD Treatment

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(Newswire.net — January 13, 2014) Castle Rock, COLORADO — Your mouth is one of the most important aspects of your overall health. Many health issues can stem from misalignment due to TMJ problems, which can take some time for doctors to identify. Local Castle Rock dentist, Dr. Scott Brody of Castle Rock Family Dental believes people shouldn’t ignore this pain, as “there are a number of signs and symptoms that oftentimes patients don’t associate with TMD.”

People commonly refer to jaw related troubles as TMJ. However, as Dr. Brody points out, this is misleading terminology, “TMJ stands for Temporomandibular Joint which is the name of the joint where the lower jaw attaches to our skull, and every one has TMJ.” If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your jaw joint, the proper term is in fact TMD. “TMD stands for Temporomandibular Dysfunction,” says Dr. Brody, “which I think is a more appropriate acronym and term to use when patients are having issues.”

As it happens, people suffering from TMD experience a number of signature symptoms. “You may be aware if you have TMD,” says Castle Rock dentist, Dr. Brody, “symptoms such as clicking and popping of the jaw joint, migraine headaches, neck pain, issues with grinding their teeth that a spouse might hear,” are all common side effects of TMD. Another side effect is visible wear on someone’s teeth. This wear is caused by grinding your teeth while you sleep to the point that patients often require some form of restorative treatment.

Castle Rock Family Dental is located at 1025 S. Perry St., Ste. 105 in Castle Rock, Colorado. In addition to TMD treatment, Dr. Brody and his staff offer a number of other dental services, including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and sleep apnea treatments.

Because there are a number of other symptoms associated with TMD that people aren’t aware of, Dr. Brody and Castle Rock Family Dental offer complimentary consultations. It is through this consultation that you can be made aware of the extent of your disorder and learn about an appropriate treatment method. “We can evaluate your specific situation and get to the root of the problem,” says Dr. Brody. If you’re interested in taking advantage of Castle Rock Family Dental’s complimentary consultation, you are encouraged to call their office, or you can visit their website and schedule an appointment.



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