Cracked Iphone Screen? Apple 5C Repair Services Now Available On-Site

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( — January 21, 2014) Miami, Florida — Is your iPhone touch screen not working due to cracks? iPhone 5C owners can now access the $149 cracked iphone screen repair service at Apple Stores. This service is being offered for Apple’s new “budget” phone – iPhone 5C. However, the company’s flagship iPhone 5S and the older-model iPhone 4S are still not eligible for the on-site screen replacements.


Offering on-site Iphone screen repairs for a cracked screen is a big policy change for the Apple Store. Before, a customer would need to ship his damaged iPhone to an off-site repair center in order to fix the broken screen. This process costs around $229.


Apple released iPhone 5C last September as their version of lower-cost smartphones. The move to offer screen repairs at Apple stores seems to be a response to the rising demand for third-party repair services – an option that is cheaper, but voids the iPhone warranty.


Paul Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, said that a smashed iPhone is considered out of Apple warranty, and that the repair option would cost less than buying a brand new device.


The new Apple store repair service is expected to be rolled out in other major Apple markets this week, except in Hong Kong and Canada.



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