Harrisburg Chamber Of Commerce Is Website Optimization Seminar Venue

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(Newswire.net — February 3, 2014) Mechanicsburg, PA — 


The Harrisburg Chamber of Commerce will be the location for an event designed to improve responses to the age-old “How’s business?” question. At 5:30 on February 10th, Julian Awad, marketing expert and owner of JSA Interactive, will be hosting a live website optimization seminar. The seminar entitled “Live Website Optimization – 3 Tips That Can Double Your Website Customers” will be focused on how business owners can make small alterations to their existing websites and realize significant improvements to their business’ bottom line. 


These days, a website is a required staple for every business. Unfortunately, most business owners under-utilize their websites. Often times, business owners will grudgingly accept the fact that they need a website and throw one together using just a few images and their contact information. Neglecting a website makes it appear both outdated and uninformative and turns off potential customers who get the impression that the business is as unhelpful as the website. These are rookie mistakes made by those that are uninitiated to the spectacular results basic changes to their website could have on their business.


Julian Awad’s website optimization seminar is the solution for frustrated business owners who don’t understand why their websites aren’t generating more customers. Julian has years of experience in online marketing and has detailed knowledge of exactly which features are most likely to engage visitors and spur them to take action. In his seminar, Julian will use local Harrisburg business websites to demonstrate exactly why their websites are turning off potential customers. Julian also goes a step further to point out the specific changes that will make each website more palatable, more appealing, and most importantly, more engaging to potential customers. Mike Fister of IntermixIT, who attended one of Julian’s previous website optimization seminars, says “I found Julian Awad’s website optimization presentation to be extremely helpful.  We are already in the process of utilizing the information we learned from Julian to work on our value proposition and make our calls to action stronger.  We’re excited to see the impact these improvements will have on our business.” Another attendee, Becky Wink, says, “Julian Awad is a seasoned online marketing professional. He reviewed attendees’ websites and provided real, practical advice for quick improvements that will greatly enhance the user experience. I learned so much!”


Attendees of the February 10th website optimization seminar not will not only gain precious insight about how to maximize the usefulness of their business’ websites, but they will also get the chance to drive more potential customers to their websites. As a special bonus, Julian will be giving each seminar attendee $100 in Google Adwords credit. This credit can be used by business owners to advertise their business online. Details regarding the Adwords credit will be provided at the seminar. Those who are interested in attending the upcoming seminar can register by clicking here. 


Event information: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/live-website-optimization-3-tips-that-can-double-your-website-customers-tickets-10152792275.


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