Benefits of Athletic Greens Superfood Praised by Isabel De Los Rios

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( — February 4, 2014)  Boston, MA — Isabel De Los Rios is the international best-selling author of The Diet Solution and co-founder of the Beyond Diet nutrition plan. As a certified nutritionist she shares all of her food knowledge and thousands of delicious recipes with people to help them feel great about their bodies, weight, and health. Furthermore, she is an exercise specialist who has helped over half a million people, globally, lose weight and reclaim their health. She is dedicated to providing the best nutrition tools and information to weightwatchers trying to safely and effectively lose unwanted fat. In this video she shares the benefits provided by her absolute favorite supplement Athletic Greens.


Right from the beginning she explains how Athletic Greens superfood provides incredible health benefits. Isabel De Los Rios explains that the addition of this supplement to her daily routine has helped her with not only digestion but also improved skin and hair. Athletic Greens is made from seventy five whole food sourced ingredients in their natural form and this provides optimal nutrient absorption, boosts the body’salkalinity, and improves digestive health.


The superfood cocktail has been carefully formulated by doctors and nutritionists, after more than ten years of research, to deliver essential nutrients with an easy to mix powder and naturally sweet taste. Additionally, providing twelve servings of fruits and vegetables in just one serving Isabel suggests “If you were to take just one supplement I highly recommend that it be Athletic Greens. It could replace your multivitamins, probiotics, vitamin c, b vitamins, and digestive enzymes.”     


Also in the video, she stresses the importance of using Athletic Greens daily and provides some tips and tricks to accomplish this. For example, just add a scoop of Athletic Greens to a tumbler when traveling and mix with water when it’s ready to be consumed. Likewise, she explains some other added benefits of this superfood. First, she emphasizes the increased energy she receives from taking this supplement daily. Secondly, she describes how it has helped her boost her immune system and kept her from getting sick as often. Lastly, Athletic Greens can be used by anyone in conjunction with their diet plan. More specifically, when used with the Beyond Diet people are often less hungry and crave certain foods less. Isabel De Los Rios explains “If you are satisfying your body’s needs for the right micronutrients you’re not going to have as many cravings and you can see how that will help you to more easily follow the beyond diet program.”


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Facts About Athletic Greens

  • Athletic Greens is Made from 75 whole food sourced ingredients in their natural form
  • Contains probiotics and enzymes for optimal nutrient absorption and digestion
  • Carefully formulated by doctors and nutritionists to deliver essential nutrients
  • 10+ years of research to develop an easy to mix powder with naturally sweet taste