LubX C UHMW Sheet slides by competitors with up to 75% less friction

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( — February 5, 2014) Anaheim, CA — Looking to increase production, reduce noise, and use less energy? There is a new product on the plastics market that can help you out with your industrial desires. LubX C is UHMW-PE that has been modified specifically for conveyer and material handling systems. What it has been modified with or how it has been modified is a secret, but whatever the fine people at Röchling did, it works.


History Of Röchling Plastics


Röchling started in plastics in 1922. It had been operating since 1822, but was focused in other ventures like mining and metals, before the invention of plastics. After 1922, however, Röchling started to divert its energy and focus from metals to plastics. Röchling is currently operating in 20 countries, and 600 locations worldwide. With almost a century of experience, they are able to do some things with plastics that others aren’t capable of; things like creating the new UHMW called LubX C.


Reduce Factory Noise


When you walk into a factory, one of the last things you expect is for it to be quiet. LubX is perfect for factories, and OSHA loves a factory with reduced noise. Using LubX C UHMW Sheet instead of metals can greatly reduce the noise generated in most factories. By replacing metal in areas of metal on metal contact, or any type of material on metal, you can effectively reduce the overall noise of operating large machinery. Standard UHMW Sheet is commonly used in wear applications, along with Acetal – Delrin and Nylon.


What is LubX C UHMW Sheet


LubX UHMW Sheet was specifically created for conveyers and material handling equipment, so noise cancellation was naturally one of the characteristics of this product. LubX can be put almost anywhere that metal would be used, like in tracks, sprockets, guide rails, rollers, belt guides, and many other parts. Standard UHMW Sheets and Rods are already wear resistant and have a low coeffiecent of friction, LubX C expands upon these properties significantly. Curved conveyor slides and conveying equipment have additional problems with friction. These curved sections wear out faster than any other area of a conveyor. In recent tests, the LubX C has dramatically reduced wear, and thus the frequency of replacing conveyor parts.


Up To 75% Less Friction


LubX C can help avoid something called slip-stick. Slip-stick is the spontaneous jerking motion that can occur while two objects are sliding over each other. Metals need to be constantly maintained to keep from sticking. Replacing these parts with LubX C UHMW Sheet immediately solves this sticking problem. Slip-stick can lead to more energy consumption, which means more money spent on operation. LubX C can save you money, which is something everyone likes to hear. LubX C has some of the best wear and anti-friction properties on the market. Its top-secret formulation is extremely efficient at reducing wear and friction. Lower friction means easier movement, which in turn means less energy is required to operate machines using LubX parts. Less energy consumption is something everyone can agree on.


LubX can do all of this by something as simple as reducing the coefficient of friction.  LubX can reduce coefficient of friction by up to 75%. With only a quarter of the friction, much less energy is required to operate these large machines, which saves you money, reduces noise, and increases the wear resistance and can extend the life of the product and machinery.


Great For Food Processing Plants


LubX is FDA compliant, which is good news for all of you who need superior lube, without harmful effects on your edible products. LubX runs dry. That’s right! There is no need to go out and buy expensive creams and oils to keep your conveyers nice and lubed up. LubX is able to maintain its anti-friction properties, even when worn.


Whether you are looking to quiet down your conveyers, or just need something with superior “lube-icity”, or anti-wear and anti-friction, LubX may be the product for you.



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