Smart Naturists use the Winter Months to Perfect their Tans

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Preparation is everything and no more so than for the enthusiastic naturist who begins their summer tan in February when the wind is cold and the sky is grey.  This is especially the case in Europe and a recent survey of members of found that 70% of European nudists try to get a winter sun break to maintain the best colour for summer.


According to the spokesman for many British and Scandinavian naturists head to Tenerife in winter.  Whilst the Canary Islands are not renowned for their nudist beaches there is the naturist beach of Playa de los Patos at Puerto de la Cruz and Close to Playa de las Americas you’ll find two nudist beaches: the Playa de la Puntilla and the Playa de la Caleta.  For Americans and Europeans willing to travel there is Haulover Beach in Miami.  What makes Haulover Beach unusual in the context of United States Naturist beaches is that it is an official tax-supported PUBLIC nude beach. This naturist site has good reports on naturist beaches in Europe and the United States.

There are, of course, other enthusiastic naturists who enjoy the winter on its own terms and enjoy their nudist pursuits in the chilly air. They could join the “Icebears” in Oslo for some ice swimming for example? These very brave men and women, regardless of the weather and temperature, just love to swim in the Oslofjord!

Or do you fancy cross-country skiing in the nude in Austria? They have a long season at Obertraun and regulars to this resort recommend skiing the 4 kilometre loop before March….. to avoid getting sunburnt on your ‘exposed bits’! There is a winter naturist resort at Ramsau where you can cross-country or alpine ski naked, as well as sunbathe on the terrace if you are not feeling quite so active. The hotel also has a naturist swimming pool and sauna – what better way to finish off after a hard days skiing!.

Or why not join a naturist dining club which would be a fun place to go when you are dating a nudist. We should point out that for safety reasons hot soup is usually banned from the menu!


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