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(Newswire.net — February 12, 2014) Chicago, Illinois — As you hand over the keys to your home to the new buyer you feel the exhilaration of moving forward into your new bigger home. You had put off selling for some years and felt like you and your family would never be in the home you dreamed of. What a great surprise when the offer came in. You got what you wanted. 


Imagine the feeling you have that your home is sold.

Maybe it was how your agent had described your property. How it was a beautiful home in a friendly suburb of Chicago. How it had been lovingly cared for. How there have been happy lives growing up in it. The family meals that have being shared in the home. The good times you have had with friends over the years. Who wouldn’t want to live here?


You think back on a previous home you sold. It seemed the more motivated your selling agent said you were the lower your sales price got. He would also say that you had fixed the house up too. Now you learn that people think that means it was in bad shape. When what you did was upgrade your home which buyers like to hear. When you would call him to talk about it all you got was a voicemail and maybe just maybe a call back in a few days. By the time it was over you had sold it for much less and it had taken much longer. Never again.

A lot has changed in Real Estate in past few years.


You think back this time. A lot has changed. There is information on the internet. Agents are everywhere online. You know from your last experience that agents can be very different so how to find one. Real estate is marketing so the agent should have some creativity to not just be one more face on one more website. 

Today an agent needs to be a creative marketer.


So here you are. You thought this agent Tim Haywood has creativity to stand out from the crowd. That’s a good sign. You like to know who you are working with and when you look a Tim Haywood Chicago real estate interview shows up too.  


You now remember that your other agent did not seem to either know very many other agents or did not get along with them. At the time you didn’t how critical that is to your home sale. Your buyer is probably the client of another agent. Tim seems like a person that gets along well with people. In fact while you were out with him he ran into another agent. It looked like they were friends and business associates. 


Because you have sold a home before and you know the market can be tricky you decide to think about who you want to use a lot more than you did the first time. The years have made you wiser.

You have learned that selecting the right agent is essential.


   –  What can the agent offer or do to help get a better price than another agent?

   –  What connections does the agent have to bring qualified buyers?

   –  How will the agent advertise your home? Is he creative?

   –  Is he easy to contact and calls back when he says?

   –  Is your house a priority to the agent? Do you feel special and appreciated?

   –  Do they have any innovative marketing strategy or plan that others don’t have?

   –  Is the agent organized? 

   –  Do you feel like he gets you and your home?

   –  Will the agent support you through the selling process? 


You see an article on the internet.

It is about how Tim Haywood supports home buyers. You thought “Here is an agent that has put the time and effort out to understand what would help a buyer”. That is exactly what you need a buyer. He went to the effort to have information online in an easy to find and understand way. The way he did it stood out from everyone else too.


Tim is obviously experienced and committed to being the kind of agent that a seller wants.

Selling your home is a big decision. Buying a home is a big decision. You feel he can market your home for you.


As you look down your list you see he has addressed all the things you are looking for in an agent. Now is the time to give Tim a call. It feels a lot better knowing the person even before you have met him.


Home buyers, sellers, renters, investors and agents give Tim a call or email him don’t miss out just Give Tim Haywood at call at


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