Frank Kern Reveals Why “Money is Everywhere”

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( — February 19, 2014)  La Jolla, CA — Frank Kern is a renowned internet marketer and online entrepreneur but has most recently changed his focus to consult other entrepreneurs on growing their revenue online with his innovative strategies. Frank Kern is a lifestyle marketer like no other and in two newest videos he teaches how people in the right mind set can easily accumulate money. He believes that anyone can make money as long as they provide something of value. In Frank Kern’s two newest videos he plays games with his audiences to give away thousands of dollars to them and teach them the right mindset to make money.


In the first video Frank Kern hosts a game he calls Get Mo’ Money from Kern. The audience members have a chance to earn $100 for each answer they get correct on his Frank Kern’s popular Mass Control strategy. He emphasizes “Money; there is plenty of it. That is one thing I honestly believe. I try to instill this in my children… it’s very simple to make assuming you provide value. ” Additionally, he covers three important aspects of his Mass Control strategy which are demonstrating authority, establishing reciprocity, and generating familiarity. Frank explains that using these aspects of mass control people can get into the right mindset to make money.


When people are in the “right mind” he understands that no matter what people will accomplish their goals. He acknowledges it is a lot easier said than done but when businesses are run according to his mass control strategy people are able to achieve the right mind more quickly. In the second video he gives further details to help people better understand this philosophy. Frank defines right mind as “The genuine core, unshakable belief, that you can and will do anything that you put your mind to.”



To watch both full videos follow the links below:

Frank Kern: Money is Everywhere

Frank Kern: The Right Mind Set

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