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( — March 12, 2014)  La Jolla, CA — Frank Kern is one of the most successful internet marketers and in his newest video he shares some tips and tricks he has learned throughout his career. In a short Q & A with Tony Robbins, a motivational speaker and life coach, Frank Kern discusses how businesses can succeed even during times of economic uncertainty. Frank is adamant that he doesn’t participate in the economic struggle because of the techniques he is using for his businesses and educates listeners on how to sell anything.


Frank Kern understands that current practices result in a rapid transfer of money from people continuing to use old methods to people who utilize new procedures. He is tired of the old practice of “we have the best selection with the lowest prices.” He emphasizes people continuing along this path will eventually end up on the wrong side of the transfer of money. The example he uses to portray this is a car dealership but his antithesis to this case is lawnmower sales.


In the video Frank recommends engaging the prospective buyers and this is done by using a technique he calls pattern interrupt. Realizing most commercials and advertisements have become monotonous businesses need to approach their prospective clients differently. Pattern interruption can be done in a number of different ways. One such example is educating the consumer on what value a product provides. Utilizing his lawnmower example Frank describes a way to mow a lawn into a cross diamond pattern like one that would be found on a baseball outfield. Not only does this technique give a different perspective than many other ads but also it allows the business to relate to their potential customers on a personal level. This results in the consumer getting engaged in the product and draws more interest which ultimately will lead to a business getting onto the right side of this rapid money transfer that is occurring.


For more tips and tricks a business can utilize and to check out the whole video click here: Frank Kern & Tony Robbins: Selling Lawnmowers

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