Summer Energy Savings at Home is an A/C Topic

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( — May 18, 2014) Toronto, Ontario — There are rising concerns about appliance energy efficiency in relation to the residential sector. North American homeowners can begin their summer’s quest to preserve energy and save money with proper maintenance on their air conditioner units.

“It is a highlighted expense in the mind of the homeowner, yet an overlooked fix for such a small maintenance fee.” says Kim Laird, of Laird & Son Heating and Air Conditioning in Toronto, ON.

Your summertime comfort at home is determined by your household’s humidity levels. When the humidity is high, the range (or should I say window) for comfort is smaller. Every AC system works as a natural dehumidifier, and its functionality relies on your upkeep and scheduled air conditioning repair or maintenance. It is recommended that your air conditioning unit, and furnace to also add, should be checked and serviced prior to each season.

“Being a property owner myself, I understand the instance when you let annual or seasonal maintenance of certain appliances slide, but furnaces and air conditioners are ones that should be taken seriously.” adds Kim.

Having regular servicing will drastically improve the efficiency of the unit and lower your cooling expense.

“Just make sure call before the season hits for maintenance checks. You’re heating and cooling company will appreciate it, and you will definitely have more leniency with scheduling during those slower times.”



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