Dark Energy Is Condensed Light In New Theory

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(Newswire.net — May 23, 2014) Hilo, Hawaii — Albert Einstein referred to physicist, David Bohm, as his “intellectual successor.” According to Bohm, “All matter is frozen light.” 

Bohm developed the implicate/explicate order model, an explicit physical and mathematical model which begins to explain the non-local function of consciousness.

Neuroscientist Karl Pribram, together with Bohm, developed the holographic model of consciousness. In this model, nonlocal frequency processing involves the electromagnetic fields in the space surrounding dendrites in the brain.

Waveform interactions such as these are the basis of quantum holography. This new technology is used in modern medical imaging such as MRI and PET scans to produce images of the structure and function of the brain.

Rupert Sheldrake’s theory of Morphic Resonance is another model of the nonlocal interactions seen throughout nature, not limited to just the biological realm. Sheldrake has documented how, for example, crystallization of newly invented compounds shows an initial ‘learning curve’ in new physical behaviors manifested by nature, such as crystallization temperature, independent of geographical location.

Non-local interactions can transcend time as well as space. Human observers show reverse time communication from visual presentations. Other notable experiments document that dogs can receive non-local communication from their masters 5 minutes before they return home.

Another area of research that supports non-local effects of consciousness as well as reverse time communication is the PEAR random number research at Princeton, where a most pronounced non-random (coherence) effect was seen minutes before the first tower was hit on 9/11/2001.

Sheldrake’s work encompasses documentation of such non-local biocommunication as remote viewing, precognition, and awareness of being stared at from behind.

Now, new research documents the generation of coherent light emissions from the brain of subjects who are visualizing. This new finding linking visual perception with activity of coherent light quanta in the brain is consistent with the recently proposed ‘Clinical Theory of Everything.’

In the Clinical Theory of Everything, developed by Rev. Dr. Glen Swartwout, consciousness is modelled as a function of coherence zones superimposed on the living tissue of the brain during ‘in-body experiences.’

The model identifies consciousness with neuron cell membranes, and the more voluminous subconscious with the coherence zones of hexagonally structured sheets of adjacent water. Memory is assigned to the microtubules, as previously described in the Orch-OR model of consciousness.

Now, for the first time there is laboratory documentation that photons can “bind together to create matter.”

Light with a harmonic resonance for a coherent cellular plasmoid may pass into and resonate inside that chamber, adding slight mass and considerable energy. With the exception of what little may leak out when stimulated, such as the coherent light now documented radiating from the visualizing brain, this energy would not be in communication with the surrounding environment. It would appear as dark energy.

Each quantum thus trapped by a coherence zone would add to its total content, thus expanding the dark energy content and the associated resonance volume of that coherence zone.

The interior of such a zone, whether in the human subconscious, or in the cosmos, would be an electrophotonic coherence zone of non-localized dark energy waves of consciousness. The apparent darkness is modelled as a function of electrical shielding by coherent electrons combined with magnetic shielding by coherent clouds of Dark Matter that in the biological realm make up the superfluid, superconducting spirit vessel.

In this model, the human consciousness can be envisioned as a fractal cell, reflecting the nature of the cosmos. It is notable that the morphology of Dark Matter in the cosmos is indistinguishable from the shape of neurons in the brain.

Both outer and inner fractal forms can further be described as the local presence of an absolute non-local source of all, as seen in the virtually infinite vacuum or zero point energy of space. Both the cosmos and the human consiousness may be living, growing, sentient cells in one divine holographic image.


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