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A group of the most conscious people on earth are celebrating the life of Buckminster Fuller live, in part over the phone and web, and live in person in London, UK along with other cities and countries around the world.  Buckminster Fuller studied what was possible for humans and what is probably for human kind.


Just imagine that you and all human beings that are present in the world are collectively responsible for the world. What would you each take on as your responsibility and how would you choose to show up in the world? That is the conversation and it is a conversation that never ends by this group of conscious people over the world.

A selection of the principles and values that Buckminster Fuller stood for are:

  • Without integrity nothing works. Fundamental integrity must relate to the rest of human beings. As human beings should we continue to put money before truth?
  • The experimental and intellectual knowledge of integrity is to bring about the integration of a better world through integrated individuals to reach the many. That means men and women of integrity laying a solid foundation for all generations.
  • The importance of coming out to the world like a child – experiencing the world with awe inspiring delight, being with the whole. The context of socialisation has taught us to play the game and we have forgotten the brilliance with which we were born
  • You have to do your own thinking – mot what the system says. Commit to your own thinking because your own thinking might be right and the system is wrong.
  • Knowing the infinite value of life through direct experience
  • Evolution tries to make human beings a success through the principle of leverage. Nature is very transforming with the principle of operating most economically; there are Omni-directional principles which are equally economical. Mathematically, every turn to play in the universe, you have six moves as demonstrated in physics. Only the impossible happens. The universe is impossible – there it is and we are impossible, here we are.
  • Just as you need something, if you are on the right track, what you need will appear. Space ship earth is changing course and is avoiding the rocks by operating with love and integrity – based on the information we already have. Whether we make it or not is based on the way we behave today

Bucky was said to be thinking 30, 50 or more years ahead of his time. His insights and how we can leverage future thinking and technology is all the more relevant today.


Join the conversation and you will get a sense of the man, his work and how it can apply to you and your life. http://buckyisback.com/


So here is my question to you today – If you knew that the whole of the universe is operating in concert to enable you to consolidate gains:

  • How would you be?
  • How would you play?
  • What would you consolidate?
  • Where? How would you organise yourself to be useful to your fellow human beings?
  • How do you need to behave in order to be unselfish in the service of human beings?

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