Scott Tucker Starts Bird Watching Group

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( — July 11, 2014)  — Scott Tucker, a bird watching enthusiast and family man, has decided to bring his hobby to the community. Tucker has revealed to Our Family Fun Night his plans for a kid and adult friendly bird watching group that will meet throughout the summer, fall, and spring. Tucker also plans on building four bird watching sites, with the possibility of more.

“Our website is all about keeping family together while all are participating in a shared activity,” says Shelly Osbourne Our Family Fun Night editor and writer. “Scott Tucker has opened up another outlet for families to engage in together with some learning thrown in to boot.”

Osbourne also says with weather getting warmer, this is just the type of activity their readers are looking for. The website will post the group’s schedule, features on members, and photos the group captures during their bird watching sessions.

“Our readers are done spending time inside playing board games and the like. There is a time and place for it no double, but now is prime time for outdoor activities,” says Osbourne. “What we liked most about Scott Tucker’s new idea was that it was actively engaging, more so than a sporting event or similar outing.”

“This has been a project I’ve been trying to get together for a few years now, so to have Our Family Fun Night involved right off the bat is a very welcomed surprise,” says Tucker. “You’ll be able to get an exclusive peak into our bird sightings and some background on species we spot.”

Scott Tucker is a business owner and amateur birdwatcher in Princeton, NJ where he lives with his 3 dogs and 2 cats. He has been bird watching for more than twenty years.

By Kriz Louren

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