The Ultimate Digestive Aid is a Probiotic

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( — July 17, 2014) Barrington, Rhode Island — Everyday ailments such as gas, bloating, and irregularity are becoming more and more common with people. Most individuals assume it is inevitable and that they will continually suffer through their damaged digestive tracts. However, by just making a few simple changes in their lifestyle and diet these people will be able to restore their digestive tracts and help it function the way it is supposed to. A probiotic supplement can be used as a digestive aid for people who do not get sufficient amounts of probiotics in their diets. 


Probiotics are live microorganisms that confer a health benefit to the host when consumed. They are considered good bacteria and are able to alleviate many conditions that stem from the digestive tract. Poor food choices, emotional stress, antibiotics, and environmental factors can all lead to an unbalanced gut flora that cause many of the previously mentioned ailments. Probiotics can help regulate the amount of healthy bacteria in the stomach and relieve digestive discomfort. When the digestive tract is healthy it filters out harmful bacteria, toxins, chemicals, and other waste products that can be damaging. Additionally, when it is functioning correctly the digestive tract also aids in the absorption of essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins the body needs.

Probiotics can be incorporated into a diet through food or dietary supplements. Simply by introducing more probiotic rich foods into a diet many people are able to alleviate excess gas, diarrhea, and other digestive problems. These foods include yogurt, sauerkraut, kefir, miso soup, and other fermented foods. Anyone who struggles to get enough probiotics through their diets should consider taking a probiotic supplement for a minimum of two weeks to see if they notice a difference.

Certain probiotic supplements can act as a powerful digestive aid with the addition of fiber. Everyone knows that fiber is not only their best friend when it comes to digestion but also is the best at helping keep bowel movements regular. Specifically, a probiotic that contains fiber can help promote intestinal and colon health, while aiding in the transit of food through the intestines. Without fiber in a probiotic people may still experience gas, irregularity, and bloating.

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