Israeli Spoils of War

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( — August 7, 2014) Haymarket, Virginia — At the end of WWII Russia was not forced to give back the parts of Poland and Eastern Europe that it confiscated as part of its spoils of war, and no one today refers to those territories as being “occupied” by the Russians, or refers to Tibet as being occupied by China.

The Right of Return seems only to apply to Israel, the Jews and their conquests in Gaza and the West bank. No other nation on earth has been asked by the UN to give back territory it has won on the battlefield. Israel gained these territories from wars which were unilaterally initiated against them by the Arabs, only to be lost by the Arabs.

In 1947 the UN proposed that the land of Israel be divided into two autonomous, self-governing regions, one was given to the Palestinians. The other was declared the sovereign state of Israel, and became the historic homeland for the Jews. Had the Palestinians accepted that UN proposal, we wouldn’t be worrying over it today. Hamas and the Palestinians are losing the military war, but they are winning the public relations war.

No matter what is negotiated or promised by Israel to the Palestinians and Hamas, it can never be enough to satisfy them. Many times in the past Israel has agreed to stop firing rockets or launching armed incursions into Palestinian territory provided the Palestinians agree to stop firing rockets into Israel. Israel has ceased all hostilities only to find out that the Palestinians have abrogated the agreements and keep firing rockets into Israel. The UN admonishes Israel for firing back at the Palestinians, but does not admonish the Palestinians for having initiated them.

Unfortunately wars are sometimes necessary and must be resorted to when arbitration and negotiation, fail. The war with Nazi Germany was not ended by mediation or arbitration, nor was the war with Imperial Japan ended through negotiation. Genuine peace comes only when one side is victorious.

The Muslim States of the Middle East are treating Israel the same way Hitler treated German Jews in the 1930s. No matter what they agree to or negotiate it will never be enough because the goal now, as it was then, is not to settle historic problems but to totally annihilate the entire Jewish race.

As a result the Arabs and the Palestinians have made the existence of Israel non-negotiable. They say that no peace agreement that gives Israel the right to exist is acceptable. Perhaps Israel should follow their lead and declare that no agreement that gives the Palestinians parts of Gaza and the West Bank is acceptable.

If one of Hamas’ rockets lands and explodes in a Jewish residential area killing innocent civilians, Israel should fire back targeting a prominent terrorist or terrorist facility in an Arab residential area, a policy of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth should apply.

Israel shouldn’t try to be fair and balanced; rather it should try to be right. Israel should tell the world that if Hamas shoots new rockets into Israel, Israel will shoot new rockets back into Gaza. If Hamas stops their rocket firing, the Israelis will stop their rocket firing. The initiative is with the Palestinians. It is their finger that is on the rocket firing trigger.

If a Hamas rocket lands and explodes in a Jewish civilian area, the Israelis should fire on a Palestinian civilian area of the same size that is positively known to be a hiding place for Hamas weapons and munitions. Anyone who uses their own children and their children’s schools and hospitals as human shields is a war criminal and a coward of the worst sort.

To live at peace and security with their Arab and Palestinian neighbors is the Jewish dream, but it is a dream that seems destined to remain unfulfilled. Israel cannot successfully negotiate with someone whose starting point in the negotiations is the annihilation of all Jews.

If Germany wants to try making up to Israel and to the civilized world for some of what it lost in the 1930s under Hitler, it could militarily come to Israel’s aid. The German people may never have such an opportunity to again express their good feelings and intentions toward the Jews and Israel.

May the next presidential election bring to the White House an American leader who fears nothing and no one, a leader who refuses to be intimidated and confused, one who is determined to remain faithful to our friends and to Israel.

For now, Israel has no choice. Its citizens must hang on.  Yes, the cavalry is late, but history tells us that eventually it will arrive.

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I am a retired Major General having enlisted in the U.S. Army as a Private to fight in the Korean War who worked his way up through the enlisted and officer ranks. I was Military Assistant Secretary of Defense in the Carter Administration, Acting Press Secretary to the Secretary of Defense in the Reagan Administration, and Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety in the Bush senior Administration. I am the recipient of too many awards and decorations to list, including the “Secret Service Honor Award,” the “Washingtonian of the year Award.”

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