What Will You Do in a Health Crisis

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(Newswire.net — August 7, 2014) Sugar Land, TX — In pioneer days, farms and ranches were miles apart, and it was often many more miles to the town where the doctor

was located. And some towns didn’t even have a doctor! So if you get sick, what are you going to do?


In the forest there are many natural herbs and plants that were used for health issues long before they had a neighborhood pharmacy.


At the class  Survival-Skills-Training  you will receive a list of 20 medicinal plants with a proven track record of health treatment. They could help you recover, get well or even save your life someday.


This and other health and hygiene resources will be discussed at the training. Starting on August 26, 2014, Dennis Woods will be directing 5 fantastic Tuesday nights of Survival Skills Training. Survival-Skills-Training  The Knowledge you want – The Skills you need. Don’t miss it! You’ll need these things to help keep your family healthy during a crisis.


Dennis Woods has studied and practiced preparation and survival skills for over 20 years. His latest book “The Preparation Grid” is on sale at Amazon Kindle   Dennis presents these concepts regularly to groups of all sizes, and leads seminars on disaster preparedness.

Dennis lives in Sugar Land Texas with his wife Brenda.

Dennis prays, hopes and expects the best, but plans for the worst – just in case.