Thursday Patio Nights Bring Clients to Lombardo Custom Apparel

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( — September 9, 2014) Dallas, TX — As one of the most highly regarded purveyors of tailored clothing in Dallas, Lombardo Custom Apparel attracts a clientele that includes some of the city’s most notable figures. Many of these same individuals are attendees at the lively Thursday Patio Nights held at the store each week.

Thursday Patio Nights combine high-class style with a sense of neighborly friendliness. The music of Dean Martin and other classic singers give the event a touch of retro glamor. Fine hors d’oeuvres, wine, and cigars are available for patrons’ enjoyment.

These parties are intended for clients of Lombardo Custom Apparel. Many of them can be seen wearing fine custom suits purchased from the store. Guests at Thursday Patio Nights often know each other from business dealings or previous parties. However, Mr. Lombardo prides himself on welcoming new clients into the fold.

Thursday Patio Nights also present Mr. Lombardo with an opportunity to exhibit his work. Custom-fitted suits are put on display for a few nights each month. The stage is also shared with local artists, who are invited to showcase their own creations. All of the talent being shown makes for some truly memorable events.

By hosting Thursday Patio Nights, Mr. Lombardo can more easily maintain a strong rapport with his clients. These events also help to strengthen ties between Lombardo Custom Apparel and the larger Dallas business community. 

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