The Ezisoul 5 Port Intelligent USB Rapid Charger Removes Clutter at Home and Office

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( — November 24, 2014) Beaverton, OR — A new USB rapid charger released by Ezisoul, a company dedicated to providing sustainable, safe and functional items, is the latest device developed to lessen the clutter of multiple USB devices at homes and offices. All USB devices usually come with their own charging brick and cable. However, accumulatively, this can result in clutter and confusion.

The USB charger is known as the EziCharge IC charger and comes with an intelligent Auto Detect technology which allows it to charge up to five devices at once. This cutting edge technology allows it to measure the power needs of individual USB devices and then delivers accordingly to result in a rapid but efficient charge. Additionally, the USB rapid charger provides power based on a 50 watt, 10 amps platform which is believed to be able to handle even the most power hungry devices such as iPads and Android tablets.

As a result of the explosion in mobile technology in recent times, many people own several USB devices which all come with their own charger bricks and cables. Overtime, and in households which have several people with multiple USB devices, this can result in a confused mass of USB adapters and cables. A multiport USB rapid charger, such as the EziCharge IC, provides one charging station for five devices and therefore, reduces clutter. Furthermore, it also reduces the need for plugging in USB devices into individual AC electrical outlets which can prove annoying when there are not enough of these around.

“This is an excellent charger and saves so much space around the house. We are always looking for an outlet and have several extension cords everywhere. This charger helps that problem a lot and then some,” said Laura Groff in her verified Amazon review.

In addition to being a recommended item for homes and offices, the multiport USB rapid charger from Ezisoul is also described as a handy travel charger. It is small and compact, which means that it fits into handbags and pockets without much hassle.

The product is sold with a solid 24 months warranty on Amazon and has a number of security features to help back up its claims.

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