Doggie Poop Bags Could Have Saved Men in West Boca from Facing Jail Time

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( — November 21, 2014) Clyde, NC — Two men have been jailed in Palm Beach County for pointing guns at a neighbor. 40-year old Corey Beaton and 19-year old Bret Kallergis are facing possible jail time over dog poop, if they fail to make bail.

Beaton’s neighbor had accosted him after dog waste was discovered on his lawn when weapons were pulled – which turned out to be BB guns. The dog owner was accused of leaving his dog’s poop on the lawn, but denied saying his dog was tied up.

The two men could have been saved a jail time had the pit bull owner made the decision to scoop the poop with a dependable doggie poop bags, without confrontation. Instead, both are facing charges of aggravated assault.

Bensie Boy bulk doggie poop bags are said to be easy to use and very convenient. These 720 doggie poop bags, packaged in rolls of 20, are perforated at the edges and are big enough to cover the entire hand while poop scooping. They are also said to be heavy duty doggie poop bags that can hold up to 20 pounds of weight, not a problem for a pit bull.

With every purchase of Bensie Boy’s doggie poop bags, each owner receives a bonus poop bag dispenser that makes the bags easily accessible at all times. The dispenser is craftily designed with a hook that can be attached to virtually anything like a grill, post, or fencing. This could encourage dog owners like Beaton to readily get rid of their pet’s waste in cases of emergency.

Beaton is being held in jail in lieu of $10,000 bail and Kallergis is being held at for $3,000. Bensie Boy’s premium dependable doggie poop bags could have saved these men all this trouble with the law. This could possibly serve as a lesson to other dog owners who prefer to make an issue of their own poop scooping responsibility as dog owners.

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