Glenn Beck Endorses ‘Breakthrough’ In Portable Compact Power

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( — December 10, 2014) Thomson, Illinois — TV and radio host Glenn Beck is endorsing a new portable device he calls a “compact power breakthrough” – the Pocket Power Plus, which can charge a phone, laptop or even a car.

“I can jumpstart my truck or I can make my laptop run for hours and hours,” Beck said. “It’s a compact power breakthrough that you almost have to see to believe.

It is one of the most popular products sold by Solutions from Science and comes with 16 different adapters, meaning it will charge practically any electronic device – smartphones, tablets and laptops.

“Every American family should have at least 3 Pocket Power Pluses,” Beck said. “One for the house, one for mom’s car, and one for dad’s car. It’s hard to believe that you can get so much power from a device so small.”

Beck said he made sure his wife Tania had one in her car.

For example, using a Pocket Power Plus, you run an:

— iPad for 18 hours.

— iPhone for 64 hours.

— iPod for 150 hours.

Additionally, the Pocket Power Plus can double a laptop’s run time, and incredibly, can jump start nearly any vehicle with the included jumper cables. A single charge will jump start a car about 20 times. During tests, it even jump started a bus.  

It is popular with outdoorsmen such as campers, fishermen and hunters, as well as boaters, hikers and anyone else needing portable power – such as frequent air travelers.  

Using a standard wall outlet the Pocket Power Plus can charge in about five hours, although it also can be charged in a car using the included 12-volt DC adapter. A full charge lasts from three to six months, and it has an on/off switch. (A row of indicator lights shows the level of charge left in the device.)

The device also includes a built-in flashlight which turns into an emergency flashing strobe light. It also has an SOS distress call mode.

For more information, visit PocketPowerPlus.

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