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( — December 10, 2014) Towaco, NJ — There’s no doubt that today’s embroidery machines have reached a new level of design and innovation.  


Thanks to technology, programming and producing designs can now be done using home embroidery machines in Alabama.  You don’t have to be a computer system whiz to operate these fantastic devices as they are extremely user-friendly. You can buy embroidery designs on memory cards to go with your machine, or download totally free embroidery designs from the Internet.


Keep in mind that embroidery designs are available in different formats for the different brand names of machines.

Look into the various manufactures and choose one that matches you best:






Allbrands is an useful web site with lot of information about the various brand names of machines.  The current versions of each machine will certainly have the most functions, biggest stitching fields, and most convenient ways to transfer designs from the computer to your machine.  Whether you select a brand new model or one that is a few years old, every machine featured on Embroidery Corner provides excellent value and will allow you to produce fantastic results!


Here are some important things to take into consideration when choosing your machine:

The sewing field and hoop size. Embroidery designs can be found in different sizes. If your machine only has a little hoop size, you will certainly be limited to what size design you can sew out.  Standard stitching field sizes are 4×4″ 5×7″, 6×8″ and approximately 8×12″ with most machines. The sewing field is the location inside your hoop where the design is stitched. The physical measurement of your hoop is different to the sewing field size.


How will you acquire your embroidery designs? Do you need any added software and hardware to use designs from the internet with your machine? How will you move designs from your computer to your machine? More information on the different ways of getting designs can be discovered here.

The embroidery format your machine uses. Embroidery machine designs been available in different formats for the different brand names of machine. You have to make sure the format your brand uses is commonly readily available online. If it isn’t really, then you have to examine what software you will need to transform to your required format. The major formats like PES (Brother) and HUS (Husqvarna) are typically offered. Occasionally machines require a specific version of the format that is not offered everywhere and you might need the software to convert to this. Do your research on this prior to you purchase.


Another thing to consider when purchasing a machine is the expense of the digitizing software if you plan to create any designs yourself. Common programs like Embird Digitizing Studio will enable you to produce your very own designs.


Standard Care of your Embroidery Sewing Machine

Whether you stitch continuously or sometimes, basic maintenance of your equipment is necessary. Some designs have to be oiled after every 10 hours of use. Always inspect your manual. A few of the brand-new devices do not advise oiling unless it is done by a certified skilled specialist.

  • If your handbook suggests oiling, make certain to use correct sewing oil. Oiling not only lubes the moving parts however likewise minimizes the threat of rust. Refer to your owner’s manual for the best spots to oil. Not every hole needs oil! Some older models have marks to show you where to put the oil. After oiling, do some sewing on scrap product to absorb any excess oil.
  • Lint and fluff build up and ought to be eliminated. Great working mechanisms such as the bobbin and tensions can be damaged by lint build up. Make use of a lint-removing brush or vacuum cleaner to eliminate this frequently. Never use sharp devices to dig out lint.
  • Treat your machine to a full service routinely by a certified experienced specialist. This will keep everything working perfectly – they can venture out littles thread, lint etc. that are stuck ideal inside the operations of the machine and could trigger damage, or avoid it from sewing fairly as well as it should.
  • Modification your needle frequently. It is suggested to change it after every 10 hours of sewing, or before you start a new project.

If in doubt, ask the experts. Your embroidery machine is an important and expensive; if you are not exactly sure about anything, always contact a professional.

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