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( — December 18, 2014) San Diego, CA — A Doctor of Clinical and Counseling Psychology with twenty-four certifications to her name, Dr. Ruth has built up a successful hypnotherapy practice in which she successfully treats clients for anxiety in her office. Dr. Ruth announced her practice has transitioned to phone hypnosis and hypnotherapy over the telephone exclusively for clients seeking the convenience and the greater level of privacy phone sessions have to offer.

Her decision to focus on Phone Hypnosis was made on the basis that treatment has been shown to be effective over the telephone. The benefits of Phone Hypnosis from the viewpoint of her clients is they save time and money on their sessions, no matter where they happen to live, as well as enjoy the greater degree of privacy.

With the average success rates for mainstream, traditional approaches to therapy at 20 percent, according to the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH), Dr Ruth’s success rate is an impressive 97 percent. She uses a combination of life coaching and lifestyle counseling to help her clients. Her professional qualifications are bolstered by her own personal experience of conquering her own anxiety and panic disorders which she fought for seven years. This personal experience, described on her website, gives her a deep understanding of and empathy for her clients, who benefit from the deeply personal approach she takes to her practice and the high level of care she takes to safeguard their privacy. She answers her own phone and no one but she has access to voicemail left on it.

Client confidentiality is further enhanced by the move to exclusively provide telephone-based hypnotherapy sessions which Dr. Ruth’s clients experience in the privacy and comfort of their home. The power of hypnosis to change thoughts, behavior and habits is achieved with the voice, so the sessions do not require doctor and client to be in the same room together.

Hypnosis can be effective for such wide-ranging needs as stress management, emotional problems, panic disorders and low self-esteem. It can also help clients who want to quit smoking, improve their sleep patterns or wish to take control of their weight.

Dr. Ruth explains that prospective hypnosis clients should discuss their needs and expectations of the treatment with their hypnotherapist at the initial consultation, as different people will require different number of sessions in order to obtain the results they desire. She adds:  “The hypnotic trance state is a normal, natural and frequently spontaneous state of mind.

According to experts, we are in this commonplace trance state several hours every day. For example, whenever we become absorbed in a good book or movie, reminisce or go into memory, think about the future, daydream, are in pain, become emotional, get absorbed in a hobby or project and lose track of time, we are in hypnosis. During phone hypnosis, you remain fully conscious, but are able to tune out distractions.”

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