DermaBare Announces Great Advantage for Clients Who Avail Laser Skin Treatment

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( — January 13, 2015) Laguna Niguel, CA — Southern California is one of the biggest markets for plastic surgery, particularly when it comes to skin treatments. The DermaBare Aesthetics & Laser Center is a facility that seeks to provide this high-demand service. This month, DermaBare is offering a discount on skincare products to all clients who undergo laser skin treatment.

The Importance of Maintenance

DermaBare specializes in advanced laser skin treatments. These are intended to remove hair, blemishes, scars, age spots, and other unwanted elements. The staff also stresses the importance of postprocedure care.
By properly caring for the rejuvenated skin, a person can reduce the frequency with which they must return for subsequent treatments. The facility also sells a number of skin care products for this purpose.
Procedures like laser hair removal are designed to do as little damage as possible. Patients typically recover very quickly. However, the skin may experience some soreness or irritation. Proper care can help to reduce discomfort, which can be especially helpful for sensitive patients.

Selecting Skincare Products

DermaBare chooses medical-grade skincare products that are trusted by dermatologists. Those available at DermaBare include brands like Neocutis, Obagi, Replenix, Elta MD, Neova, and Lytera by SkinMedica. The available variety allows clients to choose items that best meet their needs. These products are not necessarily available through retail.
Some of these lines specialize in particular forms of treatment. Elta MD, for instance, uses zinc oxide to block both UBV and UVA rays. These rays can cause visible aging and contribute to health problems like skin cancer. Neova helps to promote the skin’s natural collagen and elastin production.

Planned Discount Benefits

By offering a 25% discount, DermaBare hopes that clients will be encouraged to become stakeholders in the ongoing process of skincare. Application of these treatments can help clients improve their overall health and appearance. They make it easier for the effects of cosmetic surgery procedures to reach their full potential.

This discount will be available throughout the month of December. DermaBare puts out promotional offers on a monthly basis.

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