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( — March 3, 2015) Clyde, North Carolina — News Around the Web highlighted Bensie Boy in their Market Buzz segment for their solid pet product and the cause they support. The company has been highlighted for their dog poop bags sold exclusively on Amazon.  The package includes 720 thick dog poop bags with a bonus dispenser.

The lightweight bags are 12 microns thick and have a 32x22cm dimension.  The size of the bags are suitable for all types of dogs, even those with a large appetite.  Dog owners can protect their hands and clothes from direct contact with these large dog poop bags.  According to the company, the bags are deliberately designed to mask the scent and smell of the dog poop which makes poop scooping more bearable.  For dogs who tend to eat their own poop, this acts as a practical deterrent to the delight of owners.

According to Bensie Boys, the dog poop bags are separated in rolls of 36, making them easy to grab and place in dispenser for travel. Perforated at the edge, the bags can be effortlessly removed from the roll without tearing. 

The green t-bone shaped dispenser bag included with each order features a clip that can be attached at the belt or on the dog’s strap while walking.  Due to its smallness in size, offers dog owners also have the option of carrying it in their pockets.

According to Market Buzz, the dog poop bag and dispenser from Bensie Boys stand out from other pet products on the market.  They highlight that the company not only provides a solid product to the market but is also a charitable business that gives back to needy animals by donating a percentage of the proceeds earned through sales every month to a different animal shelter.  “When you purchase a pack of the Bensie Boy dog poop bags…you’ll be donating to a great cause,” reporter of Market Buzz, Aisha Ricketts, stated.

“The foundation of this business is built on giving back to animals and that is our primary mission. We are pleased to be acknowledged by Market Buzz for this but we are more so grateful to all our supporters and customers who help to make it possible to carry out this mission,” said Veterinarian and CEO at Bensie Boys, Brenda Kinder.

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Here at Bensie Boy, we are all about making products to help you with your furry friend, while extending a helping hand to those non-profits that are out to save as many sheltered animals as they possibly can.

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