Paisley Road Products Releases Practical Grilling Accessory for Tailgating Party Hosts

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( — March 8, 2015) Louisville, KY — Most Americans are used to having grilled food at tailgating parties.  During football seasons and other sporting events throughout the year, grilled food and alcohol are staple items at these tailgating parties.  BBQ Shield announces that their grill mats were designed to enhance the grilling experience and produce perfectly grilled meals.


The BBQ grill mats are non-stick smooth surface that works on all types of grills, including electric, charcoal and iron. They prevent food from direct contact to grill grates, eliminating exposure to bacteria build-up that tends to occur during storage.


BBQ Shield grill mats standout in the market since they are 150% thicker than other such products.  This thickness, the company assures, does not eliminate the grill marks which most people consider a major part of the grilling experience.


CEO at BBQ Shield, Jeff Schilffarth, shared, “Party hosts have little to worry about when it comes to grilling with our BBQ grill mats.  They cook ribs, steak, pork, sausages and all your meats evenly without charring or overcooking them.  When you use the BBQ Shield BBQ Grill Mat you get succulent meats, fish and all your favorite food without the dry, trashy or burned taste.”


Apart from making professionally grilled foods with ease, these grill mats are known among users to be easy to use, easy to clean and completely safe.


Amazon customer, Edward Price, exclaimed, “I’ve been cooking outdoors for over 50 years and think it’s the greatest invention since the gas grill. I use it at home on my Weber Genesis, and even at high temperatures the BBQ shield works like a charm. I got a couple of more sets for my grown sons as stocking stuffers, they too think that it really makes outdoor cooking a breeze, especially without greasy flare-ups!”

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BBQ Shield, sold by Paisley Road Products and fulfilled by improves the enjoyment of preparing grilled food. The non-stick surface prevents loss of food through the grates and reduced flare-ups which can burn the food.

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