Newly Launched Pastry Mat Saves Time In The Kitchen

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( — March 16, 2015) Fort Lauderdale, FL — The Silibake pastry mat recently launched on Amazon is professed to be the savior for busy moms and dads who desire to whip up quick treats for the kids on the go, with some time to spare.   The company boasts that their pastry mat is designed to replace traditionally used utensils in the kitchen while baking.  The mats are made of FDA approved silicone that act as a sheet for rolling dough when making homemade cookies, pie and pizza crust, or biscuits from scratch. 


The technology applied with the design of these pastry mats ensures that they sit perfectly on flat surfaces while preparing dough.  Many people complained that old fashioned baking mats tend to shift and ruffle while they try to roll out the dough, which they find frustrating to the process.  According to Silibake, it was experiences like these that inspired the design of their modern baking mat.


Silibake believes that their baking mat is a perfect sheet for rolling dough and essentially save time and energy spent in the kitchen.  The non-stick surface of the mats eliminates the need for the use of flour or oil to prevent dough from sticking while rolling.  Available in two sizes separately, the set of Silibake Pastry Mats have been deemed revolutionary baking accessories that help to enhance the entire baking process. 


In addition to being the perfect surface sheet for rolling dough, the pastry mats feature measurements and conversion rates on the surface to complete the entire package for busy moms and dads.  The mats provide quick access to weight, oven, and liquids conversions, from US to Imperial measurements and vice versa. 


One satisfied customer, Sheri Ann Richerson, shared on Amazon, “This is wonderful because I won’t have to worry about it sliding off my stove top, counter top or table when I am trying to roll dough or cookies out. The pastry mat also has a non-stick surface so I can eliminate using so much extra flour or oil to keep my pastry items from sticking to the surface of whatever I am rolling them out on. Another plus for me personally is I can eliminate a lot of the wax paper and parchment paper I currently use when I make pastry or cookies.”

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Silibake believes that their trademark pastry mats are the practical solution for baking that will help people to maximize on the time spent in the kitchen.