New SiliBake Pastry Mat Eliminates The Need For Multiple Baking Utensils

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( — March 17, 2015) Fort Lauderdale, FL — Silibake has provided Americans with a bakeware that eliminates the need for scuffling between measurement utensils and converters while baking their favorite sweet treats.  The Silicon Pastry Mat features helpful text and images printed on the surface.  These images eliminate the need for more than one baker’s tool in the baking process.

The Pastry Mat With Measurements sold by kitchenware brand SiliBake is a modern version of the typically used parchment paper for baking.  It is a thin, non-stick mat that lays flat on counter surfaces without shifting.  According to Silibake, their special pastry mat with measurements is a suitable surface for making pizza or pie crusts from scratch, rolling cooking dough, homemade biscuits and much more.  It is also said to eliminate the need for using flour to prevent sticking.


The oven safe pastry mat displays weight, oven and liquid conversions on both sides of the mats. The tables show conversion from US measurement standards to Imperial measurements and vice versa.  The bakeware set allows users to explore recipes all over the world since it facilities quick and easily conversion between measurement units.  


The pastry mats with measurements include perfect cupcakes size circles as well as circles from 5-10 inches in diameter.  This is particularly useful for people who are unfamiliar with baking tin sizes and so on. 


The mats can be rolled up and tucked away after use, an easy task compared to the use of numerous utensils at once. Its non-stick nature also facilitates a quick and easy clean up – it can be hand washed with soap and water and is completely dishwasher safe. The pastry mat with measurements are available on Amazon with Amazon’s A-Z guarantee.

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