How Whiteboard Animation Boosts Business

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( — March 17, 2015) Wantirna, Victoria — Times are changing and along with it comes innovative business strategies to boost products and services. Business owners will find that whiteboard animation is one striking way to leave an impression without breaking the bank. It’s affordable, easy-to-make, sans the nightmare of traditional video logistics, and is proven to increase sales.


In fact, customers are most likely to patronize a product or service after seeing it on a white board animation video. They are also able to better recall what was viewed, and are most likely to share  the video. Why? Well, it’s a fairly new marketing tool. And novelty always attracts attention. Second, the step-by-step nature of white board animation helps viewers break down the information they receive, thus, are able to absorb the message better.


Because they’re so interesting, people want to keep sharing them, which means more traffic for your product.


Also, popular perceptions suggest that people love stories and seeing progression. What makes animated videos different from still slides, video footage or talking heads? Experts identify something called “viewer anticipation”.  In fact, movies remain a popular pastime despite the common and predictable plotlines, simply because humans naturally like to see how something unfolds. Watching a story take place keeps viewers engaged and waiting for the denouement, which is why animations are more compelling. Award winning psychologist Dr. Richard Weisman shares that video scribing increases retention by 15% as a result.


Simple, yet fun, interesting and engaging.  Best of all, effective. 


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