Rastaclat® Creator Discusses “Spreading Positive Vibrations”®

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(Newswire.net — March 19, 2015) Long Beach, CA — Rastaclat® is a company that is built around a clear vision: to bring the creativity and spirit of founder Daniel Nyaggah to people in all walks of life. Rastaclat®, founded in 2010, focuses on “Spreading Positive Vibrations”®, building partnerships, encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit and producing timeless and innovative products for others to enjoy.

“There are plenty of companies out there who consider themselves a ‘lifestyle brand,’ but we strive to be more than that,” said Nyaggah. “We want our brand to make a difference in someone’s life. We want those who purchase our products to see us for what we really are, a LIFE brand. We want them to see that we truly care, that we put research and personal care into every detail of our designs.”

Rastaclat® is an internationally-recognized company and is “Spreading Positive Vibrations”® around the world. Nyaggah says his brand is about exuberating leadership, confidence and independence, as well as inspiring others. “We aren’t looking to be like other companies that churn out products every season hoping they sell. We are looking to inspire others by letting our true passions and real world inspirations shine through the designs and styles we create.”

He also says that he could never have built this company alone. According to COO Eileen Chen, “We think of everyone as family. Daniel and I have both worked in the action sports industry for over 10 years. When we laid out the foundation of the company, we wanted to focus on collaboration and the ability for employees to finally have a voice, enabling everyone to truly feel like they are a part of something, a part of a movement, rather than just clocking in and out.”

Featuring collections like Reflective, Dark Matter I, Core Collection and more, Rastaclat® is sold in more than 40 different countries around the world, as well as major action sports retailers like Pac Sun and Zumiez. For more information about Rastaclat® and the company’s mission, visit https://www.youtube.com/user/RastaclatBrand and https://vimeo.com/rastaclat.


About Rastaclat®: Rastaclat® (rah-stuh-claht): the cloth of the righteous.
A brand founded in Long Beach, California from the roots of the action sports, art, music, and street culture. Rastaclat® is dedicated to the spirit of Spreading Positive Vibrations® encouraging individual style, a sense of positivity and freedom of expression. They strive to build timeless and innovative accessories inspired by everyday life while embracing all cultures throughout the planet. Rastaclat® yields great pride in their handmade accessories and uncompromising quality designed in the United States of America.
Embraced by many – wear it loud, wear it proud! RASTACLAT®


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