Athletic Greens Helps Prevent Nutrient Deficiencies

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( — March 25, 2015)  Los Angeles, CA Many people struggle to meet their daily nutritional needs for vitamins and minerals. Even people who are meeting the daily intake recommendations may not be getting all the benefits they should. This occurs because their bodies are not properly absorbing the nutrients the body is ingesting or they are not getting the ingredients in their optimal form. This may ultimately result in a vitamin or mineral deficiency which could have a detrimental impact on energy, performance, quality of life and long-term health at the cellular level. The easiest way for a person to avoid mineral, vitamin, and nutrient deficiencies is to take a daily greens supplement powder loaded with multivitamins.

Athletic Greens is a premium superfood powder that is able to provide users with vitamins and nutrients in their most viable form to help them optimize their total body health. Just one serving of Athletic Greens provides the full daily values or more for zinc, vitamins C, E, biotin, and many of the B vitamins. It also delivers eighty percent of the daily value for vitamin A. Furthermore, it is a great source of vitamin B12 for vegetarians and vegans who often have a hard time finding good sources of this vitamin. Drinking vitamins, fruits, and vegetables together can provide the body with health benefits that are hard to replicate.

Greens supplements initially got a bad reputation for having an unpleasant taste. However, some green powders have a naturally sweet taste and people can actually enjoy drinking them. These supplements are often praised for their versatility and can be mixed into a protein shake, sprinkled on food, or just combined with water. The complex combination of ingredients from these supplements work synergistically together to provide the body with maximum benefits. When nutrients and minerals are properly being absorbed by the body there are a few noticeable signs. First, a person’s energy levels will be increased and they won’t feel as fatigued or tired throughout the day. Additionally, their urine will no longer turn florescent (a common warning sign that a person isn’t absorbing their vitamin pills).

Getting the recommended daily values of vital nutrition each and every day is a way for people to boost their immune systems. A high quality greens supplement is a positive way to improve the body’s absorption of minerals, nutrients, and vitamins. By taking a greens supplement that contains multivitamins people can give their bodies the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Athletic Greens has created a video that discusses the benefits of using a greens supplement multivitamin. It may be viewed here:

The company also offers a free energy guide which can be downloaded at It was created to help people make better food choices throughout the day that will lead to increased energy.