Athletic Greens Announces Superfood Powder Buying Guide

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( — March 26, 2015)  Los Angeles, CA Many people who buy dietary supplements actually check to make sure they are getting an effective product. If the supplement these people are ingesting have not been carefully researched and formulated then they are often wasting their money. This is especially true for green powder supplements and people should always consider three factors when deciding which one to buy. Most importantly, they should be scouring over the supplement facts label to ensure they are getting high quality ingredients. Of course price and taste will also play a factor in many decisions. Athletic Greens recently released a video that explains what exactly people should be looking for in their greens supplements.

Athletic Greens emphasizes that people should only consider a greens supplement that has ingredients the user can quantify in it. A common marketing ruse it to highlight one or two primary ingredients that it may have in it. Unfortunately it only contains trace amounts of said ingredient and have minimal to no benefits for the user. This process of ingredient stuffing can often mislead the consumer and makes it difficult to quantify the ingredients. Athletic Greens points out some ingredients that people should look for on the ingredient label to ensure they are getting the proper vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from their greens supplement.

The base for most green powders is grasses and the ones that should be checked for are wheat, dandelion, barley, and alfalfa. Optimally, there will be a blend of these grasses as each as different health benefits. When lecithin, another essential ingredient, is added the benefits of these grasses is enhanced. Additionally, lecithin has been linked with improved memory, longevity, and cognitive function. Algae is another primary ingredient that high quality green superfood powders contain. Specifically, spirulina and chlorella are excellent sources of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Throughout the video Athletic Greens lists some additional ingredients that dietary supplement users should be on the lookout for in their products. They lists herbs, antioxidants, probiotics, and enzymes as other essential ingredients to look for. Probiotics and digestive enzymes work synergistically together to digestion and gastrointestinal function and any quality greens supplement will contain both. Likewise, there are a few antioxidants and herbs that are indispensable and must be checked for. Athletic Greens mentions licorice root, milk thistle, and green tea extracts as elements to make certain a greens supplement contains. By carefully checking and reading the nutritional facts label on their supplements people can ensure they are receiving their vital nutrition every day.

Athletic Greens also provides all viewers the opportunity to download their free energy guide. It is available to download at