Medical Supply Demand Surges in Brooklyn

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( — March 27, 2015) Merrick, NY — Many of the Baby Boomers and their parents that are living longer and at home, are finding that the quality of aged living is experiencing better times.  Much of the rationale for this has to do with medical and surgical supply retailers that offer equipment and apparatus that suits more comfortable and mobile means.  Lift chairs and scooters are perhaps amongst the more popular items that see the most demand.  Transporting one’s self around or simple tasks such as rising easily out of an easy recliner chair can make the difference between being self- sufficient or totally dependent upon others. 


Additionally, there are numerous other products that enhance a better aged life.  Rollators are walking helpers that are held by the hands with wheels and brakes that enable seniors to lean on them and assist them in walking.  Rollators are colorful and equipped with baskets to hold items when moving around.  Raised toilet seats and commodes or handicap toilet seats are popular items that seniors need as well. 


Most of the accidents in the home occur in the bathroom.  There are tile floors and porcelain structures that when wet, become slippery and hazardous for falling.  Bathtubs experience most of these accidents since the height of the tub becomes an athletic challenge for aging seniors to step in and out.  Handicap rails and handles are often times installed in bathrooms with wider doorways for wheelchair access. 


Brooklyn, New York has become the borough of choice for many of New York’s population.  It’s proximity to Manhattan and gentrification that has been taking place over the past thirty plus years, makes it quite desirable.  Areas that were once thought of as dangerous and drug infested have been slowly transformed with neighborhoods of younger working professionals that now see their communities as “chic”.  These medical supply stores provide an added benefit to living for these younger up and comers since it enables their families to stay close together and care for their elders while maintaining their independence. 


Aside from providing post-surgical help items, these retailers provide a sense of pride that people, regardless of their age desire.  Mobility to and from wherever and whenever one chooses is a treasured freedom.  From the infant and toddler age, humans strive to be independent and self-sufficient.  Aging seniors feel no different as their reliance upon others takes its personal and mental toll. 


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