Just-Brill’s DigiPulse Machine Now Has Risk-Free Lifetime Guarantee

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(Newswire.net — April 14, 2015) Brighton, United Kingdom — An estimated one out of every three Americans have Hypertension, a lifestyle disease that usually needs monitoring throughout the life of the patient.

After much research and tests, Just-Brill has developed their DigiPulse blood pressure monitor to be a lifelong partner to persons with hypertension. As a result, they have backed it with a full replacement lifetime guarantee in the event that the product fails to perform as promised. This has made the device risk-free for shoppers and enabled customers to make their purchases in confidence, with the knowledge that the blood pressure machine would be replaced without any questions asked.

The device is the latest to be released by Just-Brill, a company with the aim of providing high quality products at the best prices. To back up the risk-free guarantee, the company has used high quality materials to make the DigiPulse. They have also included a number of features to make the digital blood pressure monitor easy to use and long lasting. These features include a large LCD display with large font to ensure accurate readings, its ability to store up to 60 readings for tracking blood pressure levels and an automatic shutdown feature to preserve battery life.

A number of customers who bought the Digipulse, which takes systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings, along with pulse rate, have labeled the device as the best wrist blood pressure monitor available online. They have expressed satisfaction, not only with the lifetime guarantee but also with the benefits and features that it comes with. “With this I was able to read blood pressure without calling a nurse to come out. I know where it normally runs on low side, was going high and they immediately sent lab out to draw blood and changed my medicines again. This alone saved me waiting on a nurse and possibly even a trip to the emergency room. Love the memory on it as can track that it gets back to where should be,” said Ashley in a verified Amazon review.

Sufferers of hypertension who are seeking the best wrist blood pressure monitor with lifetime guarantee may consider the Just-Brill device, which is available on Amazon.

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